Col. Robert St. Louis and Col. René Brass — Auctioneers

Many people in Wisconsin have found you can sell your home or property quickly and at a great price through auction services.

  • The Malnar Family brought in $250,000 in less than 30 days.
  • The Kalous Family made $100,000 over the advertised price
  • The whole process took only 3 weeks for the Kyska's

Perhaps you too could benefit from auction services like these.

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ATV, Guns, Tools, Sorting Goods, Gorgeous Home Contents & More! Rhinelander WI

ATV, Guns, Tools, Sorting Goods, Gorgeous Home Contents

Over 50 Years in the Auction Business

What our clients say!

Hi Rene',

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed seeing you guys again. The weather was pretty lousy, but it's amazing how you kept the crowd involved. I've been to lots of auctions in my travels around the country and have never seen any auctioneer do as great a job as you did. Your entire group appeared to be having fun also and the crowd appreciated that too. What a great show! I have never seen anyone keep up that level of energy for an entire day. It made me tired watching you work.

I'm sure the sellers were extremely pleased with the results and would bet that you have great recommendations from all of your clients. The technology use was something I'd never seen used at an auction before either. That sure simplifies the accounting.

Even tho the moths didn't escape from my wallet this time, I'm sure if I'm in the area I'll drop in again.

Have a great summer,
Dave Blahnik
Manistique, MI


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