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Many people in Wisconsin have found you can sell your home or property quickly and at a great price through auction services.

  • The Malnar Family brought in $250,000 in less than 30 days.
  • The Kalous Family made $100,000 over the advertised price
  • The whole process took only 3 weeks for the Kyska's

Perhaps you too could benefit from auction services like these.

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Upper Peninsula Trucking Company!

Upper Peninsula Trucking Company 

Live Auction Only!

Antigo, WI *** Classic Cars, Tools, Sporting Goods, Home Contents & more!

Coming Spring 2024  Classic Cars, Tools, Sporting Goods, Home Contents & more!

What our clients say!

Homeowner Alert

Col. Rene' & guys,

Thank you for doing an awesome job in getting our family top dollar for the GM Manufacturing Building, land, & machinist equipment that you sold at auction. I was truly amazed at the large amount of bidders that attended & competed for the land! Keep up the quality work!

Armando Fabela (Goodman, WI)

— Armando Fabela (Goodman, WI)


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